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Stuart L. Tockman, Esq., is president of Stuart L. Tockman, P.A., a Florida corporation. Mr. Tockman is a member in good standing of the Florida Bar and has been actively engaged in the practice of law in Miami, Florida, since April of 1989 following his graduation from the University of Miami School of Law and admission to the Florida Bar.
Mr. Tockman has primarily devoted his practice to the area of Landlord-Tenant Law since June of 1991 and the practice continues to primarily focus on residential and commercial evictions in Dade and Broward Counties.
Stuart L. Tockman, Esq — Offers the very best in eviction services in Miami, FL
Mr. Tockman has been legal counsel to the Greater Miami Apartment Association and has served on the Board of Directors of that organization in 1993.
Since its inception, The Law Office of Stuart L. Tockman, P.A. has handled thousands of eviction cases in the Dade and Broward County Florida areas for landlords of privately owned residential properties ranging from single-family homes to multiunit apartment complexes and for landlords of various kinds of commercial properties.
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