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Q: Do you have experience in this area?
A: The Law Office of Stuart L. Tockman, P.A. has been handling residential eviction cases on behalf of the landlord exclusively since 1991 and has filed over 20,000 cases.
Q: What kinds of clients do you serve?
A: Our clients range from developers of large multi-unit apartment complexes to the owners of single condominium units and as well as private owners.
Q: What geographical areas do you serve?
A: Our office is located in Miami (Kendall); however, we serve all of Dade and Broward Counties.
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Q: Does your office handle other types of law?
A: No, our office focuses exclusively on residential and commercial eviction cases representing Landlords.
Q: How long does an Eviction take?
A: It is generally our experience that in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties, the legal process in the uncontested residential eviction will take approximately 30 days to complete (issuing the writ of possession) from the time the file is initially transmitted to our office.
Q: How much does it cost to evict a Tenant?
A: Our attorney fees are competitive for the filing of the case. However, additional costs and fees may be incurred depending on the situation, which may arise as the case progresses. After contacting our office, a “rate notice” will be e-mailed to you with the rates, which apply to your situation.
Q: How do I start?
A: Contact us at the office telephone numbers listed, and our staff will then e-mail the forms necessary to be filled out by you to open your client account with us.
A person seeking legal services who sends information unilaterally to the lawyer has no expectation that there would be any attorney-client relationship created in any way or that there would be any legal action taken for that person of any kind as a result of or based on that communication.
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